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Get Your Construction Supervisors License in Massachusetts

If you are currently subcontracting your amazing work, right now is a great time to work on becoming a licensed Construction Supervisor in Massachusetts. There are 3 types of licenses:


  • Unrestricted – you are able to work on one and two-family homes and accessory buildings, or buildings containing less than 35,000 square feet 
  • Restricted – one and two-family homes and accessory buildings 
  • Specialty – you will be licensed in a specific trade: e.g., Masonry, Roofing


How to pass the Massachusetts CSL Exam


To get licensed, you’ll need to first pass the licensing exam.  While the exam will cover information that you work in daily, it will also cover specific codes within the International Building and Residential Code books. If you ever saw the books, the information can be pretty daunting. The exam itself is open book, however, you only have up to 3 hours. For some of the exams, you are able to bring in 7 different reference books. To put it into perspective, the books are around 2 inches thick and cover a wealth of information. Three hours can quickly become three hours of panic if you aren’t sure where to look in the seven, 2 inch wide books you have.


A helpful way to make sure you pass the exam on the first try is to take an exam preparation course. Why take an exam prep? Exam prep courses will:


  • help you focus on exactly what will be covered in the exam 
  • provide up to date information on the exam material 
  • instruct you on where information can be found within the references 
  • show you where the information is in the references 
    • Per the Prometric Candidate Information Exam, you are able to highlight, tab, and write notes in the reference material PRIOR to taking your exam 
    • practice taking sample questions similar to what can be found on the exam 
    • help explain international codes and the amendments Massachusetts has adopted


Exam prep online is further helpful. With an online course, you are able to study at any time and at your own schedule. This will allow you to focus on one section you may not be familiar with, and also spend less time in the information you already do know.  Many online exam prep providers provide instructor support and technical support if you find you need to speak to someone about the information. 



For the fastest and most economical way to complete this education, visit or give the friendly staff a call at:



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