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Michigan Builders 3-hour Code, Law, Safety Continued Education Course

How many hours of continued education do I need for my Michigan Builders License?

If you have been licensed for six years or more, you only need to take a 3-Hour Code/Law/Safety course to renew your license by May 31st, 2017. If you have been licensed less than six years, you must complete 21 hours by your third year anniversary and additional 21 hours by your sixth year anniversary. Contractors who have been licensed less than six years must complete a minimum of 3 hours per year.

3-hour Code-Law-Safety Continuing Competency Course

This three-hour course is a review of the most recent code, law and safety changes in the Michigan construction industry. The first hour focuses on the 2015 Michigan Residential Code book and the latest changes. Next, the fundamental principles of contract law and the elements of a construction contract are explained. Finally, the last hour reviews OSHA regulations and the safety codes required for residential construction. Instructor Scott Corbat will take students through each of the new code changes that took effect in 2016.

How do I renew my Michigan Builders license?

The State of Michigan will send you a renewal notice which should arrive on or near March 31st. On the renewal notice you’ll find two boxes. The first box is to check and a place to sign confirming that you have completed the required continuing competency. The second box will ask contractors if they own the most current copy of the Michigan Residential Code book. You do not need to send the certificate in to the State. In the past, the state audited 17% of the builders in Michigan. If you are audited, you will then need to send a copy of your continuing education certificate to the state.


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