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Michigan Builders License Renewal

What do I need to renew my Michigan Builders License?

Michigan licensed builders are required to complete continuing education every 3 years. For the first two renewal cycles builders must complete 21 hours of continuing education.  After the initial two cycles, builders need 3 hours in Code, Law, and Safety every 3 years.  Most Michigan builder licenses expire on May 31st of 2017.

How do I complete the Michigan builder license renewal process?

As of February 2017, Michigan builders must renew their licenses online through the site.  Payment for renewal must be completed using a Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card, or electronic check.  Individuals that do not have credit cards may be able to purchase a reloadable card at their local store.  A full explanation of the state’s new requirements can be found here.

Builders will need to hold onto their continuing education certificates for 6 years in case of an audit by the state of Michigan.

Where can I find classes for Michigan builder continuing education?

Builders License Training Institute is a Michigan based company which offers courses online to meet the 21-hour requirements as well as in-person and online classes for 3-hour requirements. Online classes can be completed at the student’s convenience any time before the state’s deadline of May 31, 2017. In person, classes are scheduled at several locations across the state.

How do I submit my continuing education certificate?

Michigan does not require license holders to submit their certificates unless they are audited.  In the case of an audit, students must supply proof of continued education from the past 6 years.  Students can print certificates at home once they complete their course or call Builders License Training Institute for a copy of their certificate.

If you have any questions about your Michigan Builders License Renewal or Builders licensing in general, please call 1-800-727-7104 or email


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