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Michigan Code Official and Building Inspector Continuing Education and Provisional Education

Michigan Code Official Continuing Education and Provisional Education Simplified

Whether you are taking the provisional education as a new inspector, or as an established building official, inspector or plan reviewer, fulfilling state requirements is important and must be completed correctly.  These basic steps and guidelines will help to simplify the process.


Who needs to take the 18 Hour Michigan Provisional Registered Building Inspector Course? 


All new building code officials, inspectors or plan reviewers must take an approved 18 hour program in order to be fully registered.  A building official, plan reviewer or inspector can become registered upon the completion of the first full 3-year registration cycle, as long as all requirements have been met.  Here is the three step process:


  1. You must first be hired by a municipality
  2. Fill out the application provided by the State and submit within 30 days.
  3. Complete an approved 18-Hour Michigan Registered Provisional Building Inspector Course


IMPORTANT:  You can’t become fully registered until you have completed an approved Michigan 18 Hour Provisional Registration course and have been approved by the Board.


How many continuing competency hours are code officials required to take?


All code officials that are employed by a Michigan municipality, whether as an inspector, plan reviewer or building official, must complete continuing competency every three years.  This education can be taken online, in a classroom or by attending a variety of programs sponsored by associations, organization or institutions offering educational or training programs in the designated field. Here is the breakdown by classification:


Inspectors (any kind): need 47 hours of continued education:

Administration – 4 Hours

Communication – 1 Hour

Specialty – 18 Hours

Technical – 24 Hours


Plan Reviewers: need 47 hours of continued education:

Administration – 4 Hours

Communication – 1 Hour

Specialty – 18 Hours (must included 12 hours of Plan Review)

Technical – 24 Hours


Building Officials: need 50 hours of continued education:

Administration – 16 Hours

Communication – 2 Hour

Specialty – 8 Hours

Technical – 24 Hours



For the fastest and most economical way to complete this education, visit or give the friendly staff a call at 1-800-727-7104.


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