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Michigan Electrical Renewal Deadline Takes No Prisoners…Are You Ready?


Who Does This Affect?

The State of Michigan Electrical Renewal takes place each year on December 31st. This renewal is for anyone holding a license as Master and Journeyman Electricians, Fire Alarm Specialty Technicians, or Sign Specialists. If you are an Electrical, Fire Alarm, or Sign Specialty “Contractor” your renewal takes place every three years on December 31st. Each license types is set to expire December 31st, 2015.

What to Do?

The State of Michigan mandates that every licensee must complete 15 hours of approved Continued Education by their renewal date in order to continue working. Electrical Codes and Standards Training Institute (ECSTI) offers an interactive video 15-Hr. NEC update course featuring James Stallcup.

How does it Work?

The course(s) are all offered online and designed for working Electricians, Technicians, and Specialists. This online course is fully approved by the State of Michigan and fulfills all renewal requirements. It can be completed anytime 24/7 from any computer, tablet, or mobile device. ECSTI’s interactive video course offers an in-depth discussion and application of the Top 100 changes found in the 2014 NEC. All of ECSTI’s courses are available immediately upon purchase, after successful completion of the course a certificate of completion is available to each student. 




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