Michigan apprentice, journeyman, master, and contractor plumbers must complete a 5-hour code update course by April 20, 2018.

NOTE: The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) is now allowing licensees to complete their code update online. 

5-hour Mandatory Plumbing Code Update Course

Online HD Video Course - Instructor: Kendall Nightlinger
This course covers both residential and commercial code updates based on the 2015 Edition of the Michigan Plumbing Code. Included are sections from the Skilled Trades Regulations Act PA 407 2016, explanations of how the code book is written and how to best navigate, as well as ALL significant changes to the Michigan Plumbing Code. This course also covers a review of the Michigan rules in plumbing.
This course is approved by the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to meet 5-hour code update requirements.

Course Features

  • Instructor-led HD Video instruction with an actual instructor on screen
    (Not Narrated Slides)
  • Graphically Enhanced Text that you can use to follow along
  • 24/7 Access from any computer or mobile device. Even your phone!

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When do I need to complete the Michigan journeyman and master plumbing code update class?

April 20, 2018

How long is the Michigan journeyman/master plumbing code update class?


Who submits my certificate after completing the Michigan 5-hour Code Update Course?

The state of Michigan does not require certificates be submitted for license renewal. However, you must keep your records in the case of an audit. Certified Training Institute will keep your records for 6-years at no extra cost.

What is covered in the 5-hour Plumbing Code Update course?

(Covering both commercial and residential)

  • Skilled Trades Regulation Act PA 4017 2016
  • Permits
  • Fixtures, Faucets, and Fixture Fittings
  • Indirect/Special Waste
  • Special Piping and Storage Systems
  • Design Temperature Water Pipe Sizing
  • General Regulations
  • Scope and Administration - Application
  • Definitions
  • Water Supply and Distribution
  • Traps, Interceptors & Separators
  • Landscape Irrigation/Vacuum Drainage Systems
  • Sanitary Drainage
  • Duties of Code Officials
  • Changes to the Michigan Plumbing Code
  • Violations and Enforcement
  • Water Heaters
  • Vents and Venting
  • Non-Potable Water Systems
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Structural Safety

Why do I need to complete a 5-hour Code Update Course?

Michigan journeyman and master plumbers must complete a code update course within one year of code update implementation. The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs released the 2015 Michigan Plumbing Code Rules on April 20, 2017. Plumbers must complete the corresponding 5-hour code update course by April 20, 2018.

Is your course approved by the state of Michigan?

Yes, our approval number is: P-5020-15


I have plumbing licensing questions, who should I call?

Call LARA at 517-241-9316


How do I renew my journeyman, master, or contractor plumber license in Michigan?

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs will send a renewal notice approximately three months before the April 30th renewal deadline. You must fill out the forms, pay the appropriate fee, and return the documents and fee to the department.





Journeyman Plumber


1 year

April 30th

Master Plumber


3 years

April 30th, 2020

Contractor Plumber


3 years

April 30th, 2020

*NOTE: Master and Contractor plumbers operate on the same three-year cycle. If you are licensed during the second year of the cycle your fee is $200, the last year of the cycle fee is $100.

Do I need continuing education to maintain my journey or master plumber license in Michigan?
Journeymen and Master Plumbers must complete 5-hours of continuing education within one year of the adoption of new codes.


There are four categories of Michigan plumbers, each with its own set of requirements.

  • Apprentice Plumber
  • Journeyman Plumber
  • Master Plumber
  • Plumbing Contractor

How do I become an apprentice plumber in Michigan?

Michigan requires plumbers complete a 5-year apprenticeship program. To enroll in this program, you must pay a $15 application fee, complete a Registration for Plumbing Apprentice Form, be 18 years of age, hold a valid driver’s license, and complete a background check. The five-year program requires apprentices to complete 1,700 to 2,000 on the job hours every year during the apprenticeship, as well as, complete a minimum of 246 hours of classroom instruction over the five-year period. Courses must cover mathematics, sciences, drafting, welding, and other pipe trades related courses.

Visit this page to find Plumbing Apprentice positions.

How do I become a journeyman plumber in Michigan?

  1. Have at least 6,000 hours of experience gained over no less than 3 years as a registered apprentice in the practical installation of plumbing.
  2. Complete a $100 Application for Journey Plumber Examination – More information found here.
  3. Pass the exam
  4. Pay the $40 Journeyman plumber license fee

How do I become a master plumber in Michigan?

  1. Have at least 4,000 hours experience in work as a journeyman plumber over the course of not less than 2 years immediately preceding application.
  2. Complete a $100 Application for Master Plumber Examination – More information found here.
  3. Pass the Exam
  4. Pay the $300 license fee

How do I become a plumbing contractor in Michigan?

  1. Hold a master plumber license or employ the holder of a master plumber license as their representative.
  2. Be the owner of a sole proprietorship or partnership or an officer of a corporation or limited liability company.
  3. Complete a $100 Application for Plumbing Contractor Examination – More information is found here.
  4. Pass the Exam
  5. Pay the $300 license fee