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Michigan Pesticide Application Renewal FAQ

Are all of your Michigan pesticide applicator's continuing education courses state approved?

Yes, all of our Michigan pesticide applicator continuing education courses are approved by the state of Michigan.

Who submits my continuing education to the state?

Our in house submission specialist will submit your completed CE credits to the state for you.

How do I renew my Michigan pesticide applicator's certification?

Renewal by seminar credits:

During the 3-year certification/registration period, pesticide applicators may obtain credits towards their renewal certification by attending eligible pre-approved seminars. Our website has a list of seminars approved for recertification credits that is arranged by month.

Seminar credits must be category-specific. At the end of the 3-year certification/registration period, if the applicator has earned the proper number of credits, he or she can renew his or her credentials without taking an exam(s).  It is the pesticide applicator's responsibility to keep track of the number of credits earned during the 3-year certification/registration period. The applicator may choose to keep track of the number of credits earned by utilizing the Seminar Attendance Record (also lists credit requirements).

Renewal by examination:

Once the renewal application is received, the applicator may take it and the appropriate fee with him or her to a paper-based exam site and take the tests that he or she needs. If the applicator chooses to attend a computer-based exam session, the applicator will need to mail the application with the appropriate fee (made payable to the “State of Michigan”) to: The Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, P.O. Box 30776, Lansing, Michigan  48909.

Exams are given by appointment only.  Schedule online at for paper-based exams or call 1-800-292-3939. Schedule online at for computer-based exams. (Note, computer-based exams have an additional $55 fee per test). For more detailed information about our exam options, check out the Examination Process.

For further details, visit these pages:

Commercial Applicators

Private Applicators

Registered Applicators

How long is my Michigan pesticide applicator's certification valid?

Certifications expire on December 31st every third year.

My Pesticide Applicator Certification expired, how do I get it reinstated?

Is there a grace period for renewing my Michigan pesticide applicator's certification?

There is no grace period for purchasing restricted use pesticides or applying pesticides as part of your work duties after a credential expires.





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