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Michigan Real Estate Continued Education Deadline

If you are licensed as a Michigan Real Estate Salesperson or Broker, round one of completing your required continued education is fast approaching. October 31st, 2016 is the first deadline of this 3-year licensing cycle. This education must include at least 6 hours of legal topics pertinent to the real estate industry. There are a couple exceptions to the number of hours needed:

  • If you were licensed from 7/1/12 to 10/31/13, you only need 6 hours of Con Ed, 2 of which must be in legal topics.
  • If you were licensed between 11/1/13 to 10/31/14, you need 12 hours of Con Ed, 4 of which must be in legal topics.

What do Realtors need for license renewal?

As of January 1, 2015, real estate continued education hours are no longer reported to the Department by providers. Licensee’s must document evidence of completion and retain this evidence for a minimum of 4 years. To see the number of CE hours reported to the Department prior to January 1, 2015, visit, click “Check A License” and search by your name or license number. Click on “Continuing Education” to see what was reported.

The Real Estate Training Institute, a Michigan-based online education provider of real estate continuing education, salesperson and broker courses, has several great courses that fulfill all Real Estate Continued Education requirements. These fast, easy and informative courses can be completed in the comfort of your own home or from your phone as you wait for clients to show.

Michigan Real Estate Course Packages

Real Estate Training Institute is a licensed proprietary school in the state of Michigan offering a variety of online video continuing education and initial licensing courses. Some of the most popular courses include:

  • 18-Hour course package covering Lead Paint Safety, Drone Technology, and Self Defense that includes 6 hours of legal topics.
  • 6-Hour courses covering Lead Paint, Energy, and Bidding, all with 2 hours of legal topics.
  • 4-Hour courses ranging from Personal Safety and Self Defense, Estimating and Bidding for Success, Drones in Real Estate, and Lead Paint Awareness.
  • 2-Hour courses ranging from Property Management, Water Rights and Environmental Issues to Auction Law.

Real Estate Training Institute lets you start your course(s) online as soon as you purchase it. You can come and go as you please 24/7. Once the course is complete you can print your certificate immediately.

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