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Michigan Residential Builders Continuing Competency Simplified

New licensees are required to complete 21 hours of continuing competency for the first three years of licensure and another 21 hours for the second three years of licensure.  But don’t go by the expiration date on your license. That is not your deadline. The deadline for continuing competency is three and six years from the date you got licensed.  Plus, there are two small twists to the 21 hours: 


  1. You have to complete a minimum of three hours per year, and


  2. There has to be at least one hour of residential building code, one hour of Michigan law and one hour of construction safety included in the 21 hours.


Once you’ve been licensed for six years or more –  You only need one 3-Hour course for every  three year licensing cycle and the three hours has to be made up of:


  • 1 Hour of Michigan Residential Code,


  • 1 Hour of Michigan Law


  • 1 Hour of Safety Standards


This 3 Hour course is available throughout the State in the classroom and online for around $50.  It is usually advertised as a Code-Law-Safety course and the next renewal for those of you that got licensed before January 1, 2009 is May 31st, 2017.


The State of Michigan sends renewal notices to builders and contractors about six weeks before the renewal date.  If you’ve completed the education and can prove it, just check the box on your renewal notice and send it in.  Beware that the State does audit 17% and 20% of licensees to make sure the required education was completed.  We received several calls from our students panicked because they got audited and can’t find their certificate.  It’s not worth the risk…do the education and sleep well at night.



For the fastest and most economical way to complete this education, visit or give the friendly staff a call at 1-800-727-7104.


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