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Michigan’s Skilled Trades Crisis and How You Can Help

Do a "Google Search" on the construction industry in Michigan and you'll find a plethora of information on the state's struggle for skilled and licensed construction workers.

The lack of skilled tradespersons has become increasingly problematic for every aspect of the building industry nationwide. The timeline for new builds has increased from 4 months to 7 or more, due to the lack of laborers needed to complete the job. If you are in the building trades you're likely to have experienced this first-hand.  The demand for affordable housing continues to grow and unless we find a way to increase the number of skilled tradesmen to meet construction demands, the problem will only get worse.

The number of licensed contractors was reduced by half after the last housing crash. Those numbers continue to fall as seasoned contractors reach retirement age with very few workers to replace them. Part of the decline is due to a shift in High School curriculum. Over the past decades, students were encouraged to forego shop class for computer science and STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum. They were encouraged to go to college and get a degree in STEM-related industries instead of entering a trade. While these are all worthwhile and much-needed skills, the number of students wishing to enter into skilled trades such as construction and plumbing has decreased substantially over the years.

You Can Help!

Tradesmen currently working in the industry can be ambassadors for change by encouraging the young people around them to consider a career in construction. Get involved with the youth in your area and share your success stories. YOU can make a difference. Invite a young person to spend a summer as an apprentice, and teach them how to swing a hammer or build a knee wall, any aspect of your work that they can accomplish with a sense of pride. Encourage them to prepare for a successful future in the building trades by becoming licensed and eventually become their own boss. Pass on the legacy!

The Builders License Training Institute offers online Builders Pre-Licensure (with a 100% Money Back Guarantee!) to anyone interested in becoming a licensed builder.  In Michigan, you can take the state required 60-Hour prelicensure program online making it extremely easy and affordable to get a license on your own time at your own pace. There are even all-inclusive course and book packages that will save you time and money. Classroom courses are also available for those who want to get their 60-Hour prelicensure done in one week. The Builders License Training Institute even offers nationwide builder pre-license scholarships to deserving students and veterans who wish to enter the building trades.

Now is the time to build a better future by encouraging the youth of this nation to enter a career in the building trades! 

How does one get a Michigan builders license?

  1. Complete a state approved 60-Hour Prelicense Course
  2. Send an application, 60-Hour program certificates, and a $195 fee to the state.
  3. Pass the state exam

Where can I find an approved 60-hour course?

Builders License Training Institute offers an approved 60-hour course online and in the classroom.

What can I expect with the State Exam?

The State exam is made up of two main parts:

Part 1 Business and Law Exam – There are 50 questions on the exam and you must answer at least 36 questions correctly in order to pass. The minimum passing score is 72%. You are allowed 75 minutes to complete the exam.

Part 2 – Trades Exam – The Trades Exam is different for the Individual Residential Builder and the Maintenance & Alteration licensing:

  • Residential Builder Trades Exam – There are 100 questions on the Residential Builder exam and you must answer at least 73 questions correctly in order to pass. The minimum passing score is 73%. You are allowed 150 minutes to complete the exam.
  • Maintenance & Alteration Trades Exam – A separate trade exam is required for each trade you wish to be licensed in. Each trade exam ranges from 25 to 50 questions. Please click on the link below for the PSI candidate information bulletin.

candidate information bulletin is included with our 60-Hour prelicensure course which outlines the topics covered on the exam.  If you are taking an exam for an individual trade, please call or email and we will send you the outline for that trade.  You can also find this information at

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