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2015 Building Code Now in Effect for Minnesota

Minnesota 2015 Building Code Now in Effect

As of January 24th, the State of Minnesota is now using the 2015 Residential Building Code.  A lawsuit filed by the Builders Association of the Twin Cities attempting to delay the new building codes from being released was not successful because the Minnesota Court of Appeals did not file the court order.


The Minnesota residential building contractor licensing exam will not reflect the 2015 building codes until June, 2015.


The Minnesota Department of Labor & Industry informed us that the residential building contractor (RBC) licensing exam will not reflect the 2015 building codes until June, 2015.  The exam will continue to be based on the 2007 Minnesota Residential Code Book until that time.


The following chapters of the 2015 Minnesota Building Code became enforced for all residential builders and re-modelers:

  •  1300 Minnesota Building Code Administration
  •  1303 Minnesota Provisions to the State Building Code, except radon
  •  1307 Minnesota Elevator and Related Devices Code
  •  1309 Minnesota Residential Code
  •  1311 Minnesota Conservation Code for Existing Buildings
  •  1341 Minnesota Accessibility Code
  •  1346 Minnesota Mechanical and Fuel Gas Codes


NOTE:  1303 Radon provisions and 1322 Residential Energy Code are scheduled to take effect on February 14, 2015.


In Minnesota, anyone who contracts directly with a homeowner to provide building construction services in more than one skill must be licensed as a building contractor or re-modeler.  All licensed Minnesota builders and re-modelers are required to complete 14 hours of continued education for every two year licensing cycle in order to maintain their license.  This education must include at least one hour of Energy Code.  The current licensing cycle ends March 31, 2015.



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