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Minnesota Builder Renewal Guidelines

As the March 31st deadline for Minnesota Builder and Remodelers license renewal deadline approaches, it is important that builders make sure they follow all the state’s guidelines to avoid fines or lapses in licensure:

  • Builders and Remodelers are required to complete 14-hours of continuing education every 2-years with at least 1-hour of energy code.
  • The 14-hour requirement is split into two 7-hour courses, courses can be completed in the same year, however, courses cannot be completed on the same day. There must be at least 24-hours between each course.
  • Builders and remodelers must spend a whole 14-hours on their continuing education. Minnesota will not except continuing education with insufficient time.

Builders License Training Institute offers online courses to meet all of Minnesota builder and remodeler’s requirements.  If you have any questions about renewing your Minnesota builders license or Minnesota builder licensing in general please call 800-727-7104 or email


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