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Montana Pesticide Manufacturer Expanding Product Line

LAM International is growing. The company, based out of Butte, Montana, will expand production capacity and creating a new product, BoteGHA, which will control pests like whiteflies, aphids and thrips. It will be used on fruits, nuts, vegetables and other things. LAM International is building out its solid fermentation production. They are streamlining the production process and making it more automated.

In an email to the Montana Standard, a representative from the company said that there may be job openings for operators in the facility.

Their new product is made from fungi called beauverie bassiana GHA. It’s nontoxic and kills pests that land on surfaces, causing germination within the organism’s body and killing them from the inside. The product is safe for handlers as well as the general environment and other organisms. Its restricted entry interval (REI) is four hours.

LAM International manufactures and develops biopesticides and sells them to countries worldwide. It’s one of the most prominent biocide makers in the U.S.A. BoteGHA will be the company’s fifth insecticide.

To stay up to date in the pesticide industry, make sure you are ahead of your education requirements.

The Montana deadline for renewal is December 31st. Certified applicators must earn 12 hours of continuing education per category, and qualifying applicators but earn 6 hours.

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