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National Pesticide Safety Education

National Pesticide Safety Education Month!

February is National Pesticide Safety Education Month! We're celebrating by providing a free Safety Compliance Suite with every purchase of the Worker Protection Standard.

What is the Worker Protection Standard?

The Worker Protection Standard is an EPA required program designed to

  • Inform - All employers must provide EPA approved pesticide training for workers and handlers. Employers must also provide access to specific information including: applications on the establishment, safety data sheets for pesticides applied on establishment, and display a poster with pesticide safety and emergency information.
  • Protect - Employers must keep workers and others out of areas where pesticides are being applied and away from equipment during applications. Handlers must stop application if workers or others are near equipment during applications. Workers must stay out of areas that are under a restricted-entry interval (REI). All early-entry workers on the job in pesticide-treated areas during REI must be trained in the correct usage of personal protective equipment. Any handlers using highly toxic pesticides must be monitored. Personal protective equipment must be provided and monitored by employers.
  • Mitigate - The Worker Protection Standard course will train handlers and workers on supply decontamination and emergency assistance including transportation in the case of a pesticide-related accident.

How do I comply with the Worker Protection Standard?

You must provide EPA-approved training for all of your workers and handlers before the first application of the year. You can complete WPS training for all of your employees using an EPA-approved video course.

Certified Training Institute's program comes in English and Spanish and complies with all EPA requirements. The package also presents, tracks and organizes all worker training and documentation.

Upon completion of the video course, employers must also provide access to specific information including:

  • Applications on the establishment
  • Safety data sheets for pesticides applied
  • Poster displays with pesticide safety and emergency information

The online video course breaks down how to do it all. This program makes WPS compliance easy and straightforward. No more worrying about scheduling training, organizing logistics, or tracking records and paperwork, this system does it all. For more information on how you can train your employees, click here.

What is the Safety Compliance Suite?

According to OSHA, employers have a responsibility to "provide safety training to workers in a language and vocabulary they can understand." This includes training for any hazards your employees may face. Providing this training protects your company from liability if there is an on-the-job injury.

Certified Training Institute's Safety Compliance Suite is a collection of seven short pesticide safety videos designed to meet OSHA safety requirements. This program provides a way for business owners to train all their staff at once and keep track of who has completed training in an easy-to-use online format.  While the suite provides a plethora of information, your employees may need additional training to be OSHA compliant - we will be adding new courses on a regular basis to better meet your safety needs.

The Safety Compliance Suite is normally $99 but will be included for free with every Worker Protection Standard purchase during February.


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