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Nebraska architect license requirement and continuing education for license renewal

Nebraska Architect License Continuing Education Simplified


Licensed architects in the State of Nebraska are required to complete twenty-four (24) hours of continuing education.  Of these 24 hours, at least 16 hours must be in health, safety and welfare (HSW).  The Board does not pre-approve any course or offering, but all courses that are approved through the AIA are also accepted by the State of Nebraska.


When Does Your License Expire?

  • Active licensees with last names that begin with the letters A through K expire on December 31st of odd number years.
  • Actives licensees with last names that begin with the letters L through Z expire on December 31st of even numbered years.


Licensed architects in Nebraska can carry forward up to twelve (12) continuing education credits from the previous two year period.  New licensees are exempt from the Nebraska continuing education requirement for the first period. The Board audits a number of licensees near the end of their renewal period.  These licensees are selected at random and they must submit substantiating information to support their continuing education claim.  Typically the notifications are sent out during the renewal process.


Failure to renew shall automatically cause the license to expire and be void.  Holders of expired licenses have no rights or privileges under the license and leave themselves vulnerable with no legal recourse should something happen. Attendance verification records or certificates of completion should be kept for at least four years.  A reputable provider of continuing education should keep your certificates on file in case you lose them or need them replaced.


NOTE:  Professional engineers must have thirty (30) actual hours of engineering-related learning. Half of these hours can be carried to the next renewal cycle.  AIA approved courses are accepted for engineers.


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