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Nebraska Pesticide Renewal

What are the requirements to renew a Nebraska pesticide license?

You must complete 12 credit hours of continuing education every 3 years by your April 15 renewal date. Licenses are renewed by submitting continuing education to the state and paying a renewal fee based on your license. Complete a 12-credit hour renewal course before your expiration date. The Nebraska Department of agriculture will send a renewal notification specific charges based upon your license type. Applicators can pay their renewal fee by mail or online.

Where can I find courses to renew my Nebraska pesticide license?

Certified Training Institute offers an online video course approved by the Nebraska Department of Agriculture for your license renewal. The course is completed at your convenience on any device with internet access with the benefit of staff dedicated to answering your questions and helping with tech support.

How do I submit Nebraska continuing education to the state?

Certified Training Institute will submit your program completion to the state. You will also be able to print a copy of your course certificate immediately after finishing the course.


Nebraska Pesticide Courses

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