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New Thermal Capability For Kespry Drones

On July 25th, 2018, Kespry announced a new radiometric thermal capability for their drone-based aerial intelligence platform. This new capability will allow new opportunities for businesses in the commercial property industry to get accurate information when they inspect roofs.

According to Kespry they offer a new solution in thermal data and roof inspections by offering:

  • Radiometric temperature analysis delivering a specific temperature at a specific point on a roof instead of just temperature trends or variations from non-radiometric drone data.
  • The combination of high-resolution visual data with radiometric thermal data to enable inspections to accurately identify the specific point of concern instead of relying on grainy, ill-defined thermal overlays.
  • Roof dimension data to allow inspectors to complete their analysis and reports much faster than waiting for manual measurements or third-party data.

Drones offering thermal data to access risk is not new, but existing technology did not do a good job of locating a thermal anomaly like leaks, pooling of liquid, or site of damage. Kespry’s new software could potentially change how workers in the commercial real estate, insurance, and management industries operate to see if a building structure is in trouble.

According to the website The Drive, “What Kespry has done here, essentially, is charge ahead of even the latest unmanned efforts in the inspection industry, by combining high-resolution fidelity with thermal imaging. It’ is this combination, that the company seems to have pulled out of its sleeve and dropped onto the proverbial table as the game-changer we’ve been anticipating.”

This new software seems to be an improvement for thermal imaging in drones. This has the potential to save workers in the commercial real estate industry and property owners time and money when they assess a building structure.


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