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North Dakota Master and Class B Electrical License Renewal Deadline is April 30th

In the state of North Dakota, Master Electricians and Class B Electricians are required to complete 8-hours of continued education every year. Four of the 8 hours must be on approved 2014 National Electric Code (NEC) topics. Master and Class B Electricians have an annual license renewal date of April 30th.

Where do I go to complete my online continued education?

Electrical Codes and Standards Training Institute (ECSTI) offers four fully approved 4-hour online video courses, which fulfill all required electrical continued education. Our interactive online education courses for electricians and electrical contractors, are instructed by highly acclaimed author and instructor, James Stallcup.

ECSTI’s four hour online courses cover:

  • Updating students on the most important NEC changes in the 2014 edition
  • Definitions and clearance rules mandatory to ensure the safety of the general public and personnel working on or near wiring equipment.
  • Revisions in the 2014 code, and understand the purpose and rationale behind those changes.
  • How to apply the rules of the 2014 NEC, to other sections of the code when designing electrical systems.

How do I renew my electrician’s license?

  • Step #1:  Complete the mandatory 8 hours of continuing education. Licenses will not be renewed unless the continuing education requirements have been met.
  • Step #2:  Renewal notices are sent to licensees. Before renewing, you will need to have the following available:
    • North Dakota State Electrical Board license number
      The last four digits of your Social Security number
      A valid credit card (the board will accept Mastercard, Visa, or Discover)
  • Step #3:  Renew online through the North Dakota website, please click here. You are also able to renew via the US Postal Service.

Who notifies the State of my continued education?

ECSTI is required to submit continuing education credits to the state within 15 business days of completing the course. However, we regularly submit continuing education within one business day. Students will also have access to a printable certificate of completion upon the course completion.

NOTE: The North Dakota State Electrical Board processes completions within 2-3 weeks. You cannot renew your license until the board processes your license completion.

Electrical Codes and Standards Training Institute has recently been chosen for the EC&M Training Software Category Award 2016.


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