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Now Anyone Can Have An In-House Electrical Training

As any electrical company with more than ten employees knows, training can be a headache. In the past it’s meant time away from work and out-of-pocket expenses for courses and travel. Then, once the course is finished, you are left with only what you could absorb that day. ECSTI is a quick, easy and affordable in-house training program that will reduce time away from work, and save your company money.  More importantly, ECSTI will ensure that your team is always up-to-date with the information they need.

 The benefits of having an in-house training program:

  • No Travel or Time Away From Work – Eliminate travel time and expenses for training, keeping your team more productive and efficient and saving you money. 
  • Lower Cost – Out of pocket expense is much lower than what you currently spend on training. 
  • Topics That Apply to Your Team – You can control the topics covered in training, making sure your team is given the information they need to make you jobs run smoother.
  • Higher Quality Instruction – You can guarantee that your team is receiving the highest quality instruction from qualified instructors and authors. 
  • Easily Track and Organize Information – Keeping track of your employees training, state requirements, safety meetings, and certificates is simple and easy. 
  • On The Job Resources – Providing your employees with a constantly updated and mobile friendly electrical library of the highest quality reference books will boost productivity. Information and standards can be quickly referenced on the job from any mobile device, and then shared with co-workers or inspectors. 
  • Employee Development – Providing a path for career growth through employee training and professional development will improve your company’s recruiting package and make it easier to recruit and retain top talent.

“ECSTI and Stallcup’s have set out to create a higher quality training program than anything currently available, at a cost that even the smallest electrical firms can afford.”

In the past setting up a system like this took considerable time and energy, but not anymore. ECSTI has created an out of the box ready solution that can be set up in minutes, and it doesn’t take a computer programmer to do it. In partnership with Stallcup’s Electrical Training and Resources, ECSTI has created a cutting edge training program specifically for electrical firms and professionals.  ECSTI and Stallcup’s have partnered have to create the highest quality training program available. This is provided to you at a cost that even the smallest electrical firms can afford.

Provide Your Team With:

  • State approved electrical continuing education courses certificates based on the:  NEC, NFPA 70E, NFPA 70B, electrical calculations and designing electrical systems topics.
  • Stallcup’s entire Electrical Library available from any computer or mobile device. (Meaning your employees can pull it up on their phone or tablet while on the job.)
  • A complete Journeyman Electricians study guide with thousands of illustrations and practice problems.
  • Easy to use management tools for tracking training, setting up toolbox safety talks, or finding information and certificates quickly.

Maybe you already teach courses in-house, ECSTI also offers instructor curriculum’s which include video presentations, instructor guides, and pre-built quizzes and student handouts.

Better Training, lower cost, higher productivity, and probably a whole lot easier than what you’re doing now.

To find out more call Bob Webber – National Sales Manager of ECSTI, or for a quick demonstration of how it all works go to:


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