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Oklahoma Pesticide Applicator License Renewal

Oklahoma Pesticide Applicator License Renewal FAQ’s

Pesticide applicators licensed in the state of Oklahoma are required to renew their licenses every five years by December 31st, and that deadline is fast approaching. Here are some frequently asked questions regarding Oklahoma pesticide applicator continuing education and licensing renewals so you can make sure you are ready to renew your license on time!

Which Oklahoma pesticide applicator categories are required to renew in 2019?

-3a: Ornamental & Turf Outdoor
-3b: Interiorscape
-3c: Nursery/Greenhouse
-6: Right-of-Way
-7a: General Pest

What continuing education is required to renew an Oklahoma pesticide applicator certification?

Applicator continuing education requirements in Oklahoma depend on category and year of certification.

Click here to see CEU requirement details.

Who submits my continuing education to the state?

We do! Our submission specialist will submit your attendance verification to the state once you have completed all portions of the course.

How do I renew my Oklahoma pesticide applicator certification?

Re-certification for certified applicators, service technicians, and private applicators is based on predetermined five-year cycles of certification periods. These certification periods determine the expiration dates of an individual's certification. An applicator's personal certification is in effect until the category re-certifies.

Re-certification for certified applicators is possible through two channels:

-Applicator takes the written category exam (each test is updated every five years)


-Applicator collects enough CEU’s to re-certify in a category

Please note: At this time service technicians and private applicators can re-certify only through written examination

Are your Oklahoma pesticide continuing education courses state-approved?

Yes! Oklahoma Department of Agriculture approval numbers can be found in the course titles.

What fees are associated with Oklahoma pesticide applicator license renewal?

  • Commercial Business License: $100 per category; not more than $500 per year
  • Noncommercial Business License: $50 per category; not more than $250 per year
  • Issuance or Renewal of Service Technician identification: $20
  • Each re-certification procedure (re-certification by continuing education units or retest): $50

I have more questions, how can I contact the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture with questions about my pesticide applicator license?

Phone: (405) 522-5950

Fax: (405) 522-0625


Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry
Consumer Protection Services
2800 North Lincoln Blvd.
PO Box 528804
Oklahoma City, OK 73152-8804

Web: Oklahoma Department of Agriculture





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