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Online Electrical Courses (CEU's) in Minnesota

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Are all online electrical courses created equal? No!

Minnesota has recently approved a new type of online video course sponsored by ECSTI that allows electricians to interact and explore the NEC on their terms. These courses are so simple and easy to use that even non-computer friendly electricians are giving them excellent ratings. Electricians are no longer stuck with boring low quality online courses. With ECSTI’s interactive video courses electricians are able to dive into the electrical topics they want to learn about and build knowledge that they can actually use in the field. ECSTI’s online electrical courses are instructed by Master Electrician and nationally acclaimed electrical author James Stallcup. Made by electricians, for electricians.

Electricians in Minnesota need 16 hour of approved electrical continuing education every two years in order to renew their license. Each electrical license holder, from master electrician to maintenance and power techs, need to complete 12 hours of approved education based on the most recent NEC and 4 hours of approved education based on Minnesota statutes and rules or technical topics related to installation and equipment. These electrical courses can be completed online as long as the provider and courses are approved by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry.


Electrical License Renewal Deadlines in Minnesota:

  • Master Electrician: Must renew by February 28th of add numbered years. (i.e. 2013, 2015)
  • Technical and Satellite System Contractors: Must renew by August 1st of even numbered years. (2014, 2016)
  • Personal License: Must renew every 2 years from the date of original issuance of license.
  • Electrical Contractor’s License: Must renew by February 28th of even numbered years. “Electrical Contractor” refers to a licensed contractor who qualifying officer (responsible licensed individual) ia a licensed master electrician.
  • Unlicensed Individual Registrant: Must renew every year, based on the date of original issuance of the license.



What is the cost of Electrical License Renewal in Minnesota:

  • Master Electricians License Cost: $118.80
  • Journeyman Electricians License Cost: 74.80
  • Maintenance Electrical License Cost: 74.80
  • Installer License Cost: 74.80
  • Lineman License Cost: 53.00
  • Power Limited Tech License Cost: 74.80
  • Satellite Installers License Cost: 54.80


Note: If licenses are not renewed by the appropriate renewal date (before the expiration date) there are late fee’s equal to one year’s license fee. If you fail to renew your electrical license within two years of the expiration, you will be required to retake your exam in order to regain your electrical license.


The ECSTI Membership Advantage gives you

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Stallcup’s Master Electrician Study Guide
Stallcup’s Designing Electrical System … as well as many other books

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Now you can have the most powerful tool in the electrical industry always at your fingertips. ECSTI membership gives you exclusive access to the best electrical reference publications, videos, interactive tutorials, and online continuing education courses (CEU’s). With a full library of Stallcups’ books and publications, as well as easy to understand interactive explanations and professional tips, ECSTI members always have the right answer.

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