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Personal Protection for Pesticide Applicators

When used appropriately pesticides can have a massive positive impact on forestry, public health, and agriculture, however, improper pesticide use can have hazardous effects. However, incorrect pesticide use can be harmful to the applicator, as well as, anyone or anything around them.

Did you know?

Pesticides spilled on the ground or burned in a fire can:

  • contaminate water, soil, and air
  • damage plants
  • injure livestock, wildlife, or pets
  • endanger the health of the applicator and emergency responders

Pesticide spills and fires can lead to costly cleanup, liability claims, and fines. There have also been studies linking misuse of pesticides to cancer and death. These incidents are rare but it is important to know how to handle them as they occur since the results can be very damaging and costly.

How do I prevent pesticide accidents?

We have a great new course, Personal Protective Equipment and Emergency Response, designed to teach applicators everything they need to know to avoid harmful, costly, pesticide accidents. After completing this course, you will know how to:

  • Identify where on the label minimum clothing and PPE requirements are found
  • State the criteria to select skin, eye, and respiratory protection based on use and exposure
  • Discuss how pesticide releases from spills and fires endanger humans and the environment
  • Explain how to execute an emergency response plan

If you have any questions about your pesticide applicator license please visit our website, call 1-800-727-7104 or email


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