Course Description

Corn Insect Pests. This course goes over in detail the many insects that threaten corn yield. Each species is identified according to various stages of maturity, the signs and symptoms exhibited, and the type of biological, cultural or chemical control recommended for each.

Soybean Insect Pests. This course details the various types of insects that affect soybeans, including early-season insect pests, stem and petiole feeders, and defoliators. Treatment and control strategies for specified insects within these groups are detailed throughout this lesson.

Grain Sorghum Insect Pests. Sorghum represents a large portion of the U.S. export industry. It is a versatile crop that is used as a grain, forage or sweet crop. It is subject to infestation by a variety of insect pests. Good production practices can help reduce infestation when sampled regularly from emergence to maturity. This course will outline how to manage for these pests in a timely and efficient way.


After completing this course, participants will be able to:

•  The major pests currently affecting corn crops in the United States today.

•  How to develop strategies to manage and control corn insect pests.

•  Early season insect pests: how to recognize, control and prevent

•  Multiple soybean fruit and pod feeders, the extent of damage each cause, and prevention techniques

•  Identify the different groups of grain sorghum pests and which insects within those groups are
    most harmful.

•  Identify the vegetative and grain-filling stages of plant growth.


Corn Insect Pests

Lesson 1

Southwestern Corn Borer
Southern, Northern, and Western Rootworm
Fall Armyworm
Corn Earworm

Soybean Insect Pests

Lesson 1 - Early Season Insect Pests

Soil Insect Pests
Seed Treatments
Soybean Behind Cover Crops

Lesson 2 - Stem and Petiole Feeders

Three-cornered Alfalfa Hopper
Kudzu Bug

Lesson 3 - Defoliators

Blister Beetles
Bean Leaf Beetles
Green Cloberworm
Soybean Looper
Velvetbean Caterpillar
Saltmarsh Caterpillar
Beet Armyworm
Fall Armyworm

Grain Sorghum Insect Pests

Lesson 1

Five Vegetable Stages and Four Grain-Filling Stages of Sorghum
Soil Pests
Seedling Pests
Leaf and Stalk-Boring Pests
Panicle and Seed Pests
Sugarcane Aphid
Sorghum Midge
Fall Armyworm
Corn Earworm
Sorghum Webworm

Final Assessment


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