Course Description

Insect Sampling Techniques for Row Crops.  An important concern in agriculture management is minimizing insecticide use and controlling costs. The frequency of sampling is critical to making appropriate insect management decisions. These decisions should be made based on established treatment thresholds.

Basics of Sampling for Plant Pathogens.  Pathogens are often the root cause of plant failure. Implementing an effective strategy using chemicals to target an identified pathogen is an essential element of agricultural stewardship. This section teaches the basics of sampling, and the different tools and techniques needed to accurately identify crop pathogens.

Rice Insect Pests. This section details the major and the minor pests commonly associated with rice crops. These include weevils, stink bugs, armyworms, aphids, borers, midges and more. Students will learn to identify insects at various stages of maturity and to recognize specific insects based on the damage done to the crop.

Cotton Insect Pest and Management Strategies. This section will demonstrate how to identify insect pests in cotton, and outline the most common management strategies. Major insect pests in cotton include thrips, plant bugs, stink bugs, bollworm, budworm, beet armyworm, fall armyworm, spider mites, and others.


After completing this course, participants will be able to:

•  Describe the various types of insect sampling available.

•  Implement and perform insect sampling techniques.

•  Implement and perform many insect sampling techniques.

•  Tailor a management strategy that targets a specific, identified pathogen.

•  Outline the most common insect pests of rice, the damage they cause, and prevention methods for each.

•  Describe the impact these pests have on the yield and quality of rice grain.

•  Identify various insect pests typically found in cotton.

•  Develop management strategies to control these pests.


Insect Sampling Techniques for Row Crops

Lesson 1

Cotton Sampling
Soybean Sampling
Corn Sampling
Grain Sorghum Sampling
Wheat Sampling
Sweet Potato Sampling
Rice Sampling
Peanut Sampling

Lesson 2

Onsite Sampling

Basics of Sampling for Plant Pathogens

Lesson 1

Why Bother to Sample for Plant Pathogens?
Keys to Sampling
Sample Collection Tools

Sampling Scenarios

Woody Plants

Rice Insect Pests

Lesson 1

Major Insect Pests of Rice

Grape Colaspis (Lespedeza Worm)
Rice Water Weevil
Rice Stink Bug

Minor Insect Pests of Rice

Stem Borers
Fall Armyworm and True Armyworm
Chinch Bug
Rice Seed Midges

Cotton Insect Pests and Management Strategies

Lesson 1

Major Insect Pests of Cotton

Tarnished Plant Bug
Clouded Plant Bug
Stink Bugs
Tobacco Budworm
Beet Armyworm
Fall Armyworm
Spider Mites

Minor Insect Pests of Cotton

Cotton Aphids
Cotton Fleahopper
Saltmarsh Caterpillar

Final Assessment


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