Course Description

Today’s pest management practices require modern equipment to apply a variety of pesticides. Pesticides may be applied as sprays, dusts, granules, gases (vapors), fogs, baits, rubs, or dips. The vast array of application equipment must be matched to the pesticide as well as to the size and type of the job. To make an effective, safe, and efficient application, read the label first. In addition, you must properly select, operate, calibrate, and maintain your equipment.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

•  Identify the factors (e.g., nozzles, volumes, pressures, and speeds) that affect calibration.

•  Demonstrate how to determine the amount of pesticide concentrate and diluent to use.

•  Explain how to choose appropriate drift reduction practices.


Lesson 1

Application Methods
Safety Systems
Application Equipment
Equipment Calibration

Lesson 2

Calculating Area
Calculating the Application Rate
Techniques to Minimize Drift

Final Assessment


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