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Georgia Federal Pesticide Laws (# R16-719)

Pesticides are hazardous substances that can cause serious harm if used improperly. Pesticides are regulated to utilize their benefits while protecting public health and welfare, and preventing harm to the environment. Federal and state pesticide laws and regulations control the labeling, sale and distribution, storage, transportation, use and disposal in the best public interest. This course addresses the requirements set forth by federal regulations. Pesticide applicators are responsible for learning about and complying with all regulations.
This course is approved for 1 credit hour in all Categories

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Georgia Personal Protective Equipment and Emergency Response (# R16-720)

PPE comprises the clothing and devices you wear to protect your body from contact with pesticides. Wearing PPE can reduce exposure (dermal, inhalation, ocular, or oral) and thereby lower the chances of pesticide injury, illness, or poisoning. It is important that all pesticide applicators and handlers understand the protections and limitations of PPE. Proper PPE
selection, use, and care are essential.
This course is approved for 1 Credit Hour in all Categories

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Georgia Pest Management (# R16-721)

After completing this course in its entirety, participants will be able to discuss the importance of pest identification in pest control, describe how pest population levels trigger control procedures, and give several reasons why pesticide applications may fail.
This course is approved for 1 credit hour in all categories.

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Georgia Pesticide Application Procedures (# R16 - 722)

Today’s pest management practices require modern equipment to apply a variety of pesticides. Pesticides may be applied as sprays, dusts, granules, gases (vapors), fogs, baits, rubs, or dips. The vast array of application equipment must be matched to the pesticide as well as to the size and type of the job. To make an effective, safe, and efficient application, read the label first. In addition, you must properly select, operate, calibrate, and maintain your equipment.
This course is approved for 1 Credit Hour in all Categories.

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Georgia Pesticide Formulations (# R16-723)

A pesticide formulation is a combination of active and inert ingredients that forms an end-use pesticide product. Pesticides are formulated to make them safer or easier to use. There are many formulations available for various pest control sites and situations, and it is important that applicators choose the best one for the job.
This course is approved for 1 Credit Hour in All Categories

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Georgia Pesticide Hazards and First Aid (# R16-724)

Pesticides are designed to be toxic to living organisms so they can control pests (e.g., plants, insects, rodents, fungi, and bacteria). At the same time, pesticides must be used with special care to avoid harming nontarget organisms, including pesticide applicators, handlers, and anyone else exposed to the product. Pesticides can have both short-term and long-term effects on humans. As a result, pesticide users need to be concerned with the hazards associated with exposure to the chemical and not exclusively with the toxicity of the pesticide.
This course is approved for 1 Credit Hour in all Categories

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Georgia Pesticide Labeling (# R16-725)

The pesticide label is the main method of communication between a pesticide manufacturer and pesticide users. The information printed on and attached to the pesticide container is the label. By law, pesticide users are required to comply with all instructions and use directions found on the pesticide product label.
This course is approved for 1 Credit Hour of all Categories.

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Georgia Pesticides in the Environment (# R16-726)

Applicators and the public share concerns about how pesticides may harm the environment. Initially, hazards to humans were the primary reason the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) decided to classify a pesticide as a restricted-use product.
This course is approved for 1 Credit Hour in all Categories

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Georgia Planning the Pesticide Application (# R16-727)

Planning is essential before beginning a pesticide application. To help plan, you should know how to select the right pesticide for the job, review the label, test for pesticide compatibility before mixing,  choose what personal protective equipment to wear, transfer pesticides safely, and clean up after an application.
This course is approved for 1 Credit Hour in all Categories

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Georgia Transportation, Storage, Security and Professional Conduct (# R16-728)

This course discusses safety and security issues that may arise when pesticides are moved or stored.  It is important for certified applicators to know under what conditions uncertified people can make applications of restricted use products. You also need to understand the importance of communication and how to communicate with customers about what you are doing.
This course is approved for 1 Credit Hour in all Categories.

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State Requirements


How do I get my Georgia pesticide applicator's license?

Private Applicators –

  • Step 1 – You must be at least 18 years old
  • Step 2 - Complete necessary training for a license.
  • Step 3 - Send training documentation to the Georgia Department of Agriculture Pesticide Division for processing, and your license will be printed and mailed to you. 
  • Step 4 - Call the County Agent at (404) 656-4958. They will call the Georgia Department of Agriculture Pesticide Division to obtain a temporary license number immediately once you complete the training exercise. Your temporary license will enable you to use restricted pesticides on your property or your employer’s property until your official license arrives in the mail.

Commercial Applicators –

  • Step 1 – You must be at least 18 years old
  • Step 2 - Pass the commercial applicator examination provided by the Georgia Technical Colleges. Click here for more information about our Exam Prep Course!
  • Step 3 - Once you pass the $45 exam, you will need to mail a check or money order of $90 to the Georgia Department of Agriculture. You must pass the general standards examination as well as at least one major category with a score of 70%.
  • Step 4 - Your license will be mailed to you within 2 weeks if all required documents and fees are submitted.

Contractor Pesticide Applicators –

  • Step 1 – You must be at least 18 years’ old
  • Step 2 – You must have a valid Commercial Applicator License
  • Step 3 – Obtain ‘Certification of Financial Responsibility’. The Certification of Financial Responsibility is a form of liability insurance.  The certification can be obtained through most commercial insurance providers.
  • Step 4 – Once insurance has been obtained complete the Georgia Pesticide Contractor License Application and send it with proof of insurance and a $55 application fee to the address on the form.
  • Step 5 – Your Pesticide Applicator License will arrive in the mail within a few weeks. The license is valid for one year.


Renewal Cycle: 5 years

Renewal Deadline: 5 years from license issuance. 

How do I renew my Georgia pesticide applicator license with continuing education?
Applicators must submit their continuing education to the state of Georgia at least 90 days prior to the expiration of their license. The state of Georgia will mail a renewal notice to all licensed pesticide applicators approximately 90 days prior to license expiration. Continuing education certificates can be sent to:

Georgia Department of Agriculture
Agricultural Inputs - Pesticide Section
19 M.L.K. Jr. Drive, Room 410

Do I need continuing education credits to maintain my Georgia pesticide applicators license?
Yes, private and commercial applicator licenses are valid for a five-year period.  There are two options to meet continuing education requirements:

  • Option 1 – Take the commercial applicator’s exam again or participate in the private applicator training again.
  • Option 2 – Accumulate the required re-certification credit hours during your five-year license period.
    • Private applicators need three recertification hours to renew.
    • Commercial applicators need either six or ten recertification hours per licensed category to renew.


6 Credit Categories

Animal Agriculture
Forest Pest Control
Seed Treatment
Aquatic Pest Control
Industrial Structure & Health
Wood Treatment

10 Credit Categories

Agriculture Plant
Ornamental & Turf
Public Health
Mosquito Control

Frequently Asked Questions

All re-certification hours must be received by the Georgia Department of Agriculture Pesticide Division office 90 days prior to your license expiration. Contractor Licenses must be renewed every year. 

Who submits my continuing education to the state?
Applicators are responsible for submitting their own continuing education certificates to the state of Georgia.

Are your courses state approved?
Yes! All of our courses are state approved. Approval numbers are listed after the course title.

What classifications of applicator's licensing does Georgia have?

  • Private Applicator License – needed to purchase, use or supervise the use of any restricted use pesticide on your property or the property of your employer while engaged in the production of an agricultural commodity.
  • Commercial Applicator License – needed to purchase, use, or supervise the use of restricted-use pesticides on your property or the property of your employer while not engaged in the production of an agricultural commodity.
  • Pesticide Contractor -. any individual or company that engages in the business of applying any pesticide to the lands of another and receives monetary compensation for those applications. There is no fee for Private Applicator.

A Commercial Applicator License and a Pesticide Contractor License are necessary in order to provide pesticide applications of any kind to the property of another person if you will be collecting a fee for the application.

What are the categories and subcategories for Georgia pesticide licensing?
The State of Georgia currently has 18 categories and subcategories for pesticide licensing. Applicators holding a commercial license will need to pass the core exam along with at least one of these specialties. Click here for a description of each classification.

Category 10 - Private Applicators
Category 21 - Agricultural Plant Pest Control
Category 22 - Agricultural Animal Pest Control
Category 23 - Forest Pest Control
Category 24 - Ornamental and Turf Pest Control
Category 25 - Seed Treatment
Category 26 - Aquatic Pest Control
Category 27 - Right-of-Way Pest Control
Category 31 - Public Health Pest Control – Government Employees
Category 32 - Regulatory Pest Control
Category 33 - Demonstration and Research Pest Control
Category 34 - Arial Methods
Category 35 - Industrial, Institutional, Structural and Health-Related Pest Control
Category 36 - Wood Treatment
Category 37 - Antimicrobial Pest Control
Category 38 - Agricultural Commodity Fumigation
Category 40 - Worker Protection Standard
Category 41 - Commercial Mosquito Control
Private Applicators

Does the State of Georgia offer reciprocity with other states?
Yes! Georgia’s reciprocal agreement with other states allows for Georgia licenses to be renewed based on your satisfying the other state’s re-certification requirements.  It is your responsibility to notify the State of Georgia within 90 days of the expiration of your license if these requirements are met. The Georgia Department of Agriculture Pesticide Program reciprocates Commercial Pesticide Licenses with states with an EPA pesticide program if the license category concurs with the State of Georgia.

Georgia Department of Agriculture

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