Course Description

Planning is essential before beginning a pesticide application. To help plan, you should know how to: select the right pesticide for the job; review the label; test for pesticide compatibility before mixing; choose what personal protective equipment to wear; transfer pesticides safely; and clean up after an application. Careful planning and consideration of all details is the hallmark of professionalism.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

•  Explain how to select appropriate pesticides and additives (if needed).

•  Follow the label for safe mixing and loading.

•  State some basic procedures that ensure the correct application of pesticides.


Lesson 1

Selecting the Pesticide
Reviewing the Pesticide Label
Determining Pesticide Compatibility

Lesson 2

Following Safe Mixing and Loading Practices
Cleaning and Disposing of Pesticide Containers
Applying Pesticides Correctly/PPE
Cleaning up after Mixing, Loading, and Application

Final Assessment


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