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Mobile Plumbers

Plumbers: Going Mobile

Service technicians flourish when given the opportunity to go mobile, and any tool that increases mobility is a treasure in this business. Digital service management systems remotely connect field technicians to their home office and usually include job assignments, invoicing and GPS services, but perhaps the most helpful aspect of this type of software is file sharing. Customer relationships are crucial, especially for bigger operations, where technician crossover or change occurs often. Finding a way to share customer information among technicians can be vital to customer service.

Another valuable feature is the GPS. In today’s world, most operators have Google Maps on their phone, but what these systems do with GPS is much more than that. The software links with the office so schedulers can see where technicians are located in the field and destinations can be sent directly to them.

Service management systems simplify operations, whether it’s dispatching job assignments to technicians already in the field or trading work orders and invoices between the customer, office, and technician. Finding a company that will work with you and is readily available for questions is key.


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