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Procedures for Unmanned Aircraft Accidents

As many first-time drone pilots can attest, drone operation takes practice.  Strong winds, inclement weather, or human interference can cause drones to behave unpredictably and, in worst case scenarios, crash.  Drone crashes need to be reported to the proper administrations in a timely manner. Here is a short list of must-report drone incidents.

When do I have to report a drone crash?

The FAA and the NTSB have separate rules for the oversight of UAS operations so some accidents may need to be reported to the FAA but not the NTSB and vice versa.

The FAA requires accidents to be reported within 10 days if they involve serious injury to any person or loss of consciousness, damage property (other than the unmanned aircraft) unless “the cost of repair (including labor and materials) does not exceed $500, or the value of the property does not exceed $500.

On the other hand, accidents must be reported to the NTSB if a person has suffered death or serious injury or if the unmanned aircraft weighed at least 300 pounds and sustained substantial damage.

Neither organization requires accidents to be reported if the unmanned aircraft is under 55 pounds, flown for a hobby or recreational use.

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