Wood-Destroying Pest Management | Alaska DOE Approved

Wood-Destroying Pest Management

Course Description

Termites are just one of the many wood-destroying pests found throughout the United States. Carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, and wood-damaging fungi can also cause severe structural damage if not properly managed. Often times the initial cause of any pest problem is the presence of excess moisture in the structural wood. The source of the excess moisture must be addressed for a permanent solution to the pest problem to be effective. This course will cover the primary wood-destroying pests found through the country, the recommended treatments for each of those pests, and the primary sources of excess structural moisture.

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Explain the different laws that govern pesticide applications
  • Describe termite biology, caste system, and physical characteristics
  • Identify other wood-destroying insects such as carpenter ants, powderpost beetles, and carpenter bees
  • Explain the different types of termite treatments
  • Describe the different types of wood-damaging fungi and outline standard treatment procedures
  • Identify common sources of excess moisture within a structure

Chapter 1 – Wood-Destroying Pest Management

Lesson 1

  • Applicator Responsibility
  • Federal, State, and Local Laws
  • Endangered Species Act
  • OSHA
  • Clean Water Act
  • Safe Drinking Water Act
  • State Specific Regulations
    • ?Recordkeeping Requirements
    • Right-to-Know Requirements
    • Rules Supporting the Label Requirements
    • Mixing and Loading Requirements
    • PPE Requirements
    • Drift Consideration Requirements
    • Notification and Posting Requirements
    • Service Agreement with Customer
    • IPM Training Requirements

Chapter 2 – Other Wood-Destroying Insects

Lesson 1

  • Wood-Boring Beetles
  • Prevention
  • Powderpost Beetles
    • ?True Powderpost Beetle
    • False Powderpost Beetle
    • Deathwatch and Furniture Beetles
  • ?Control and Management of Powderpost Beetles
    • ?Inspection
    • Pesticide Application
    • Fumigation
  • ?Wood-Borning Weevils
  • Longhorned Beetles
    • ?Old House Borer

Lesson 2

  • Carpenter Ants
    • ?Carpenter Ant vs Field Ant
    • Colony
    • Damage
    • Food Sources
    • Biology
      • ?Carpenter Ant vs Termite
    • ?Inspection
      • ?Excess Moisture
    • ?Habitat Modification
    • Pesticide Application
      • ?Bait Stations
      • Control of Honeydew Producing Insects
  • ??Carpenter Bees
    • ?Habitat
    • Damage
    • Control

Chapter 2 – Wood-Damaging Fungi

Lesson 1

  • Food Sources
  • ?Wood-Decaying Fungi
    • ?Brown Rot
    • White Rot
    • Soft Rot
  • ?Wood-Staining Fungi
    • ?Sapstain Fungi
    • Mold Fungi
    • Chemical Stains

Lesson 2

  • Insects Associated with Wood-Destroying Fungi
    • ?Termites
    • Beetles
    • Carpenter Ants
  • ?Control and Management
    • ?Pick Test
    • Sources of Excess Moisture
  • Prevention
    • ?Ventilation
    • ?Vapor Barriers
    • Maintenance
  • ?Chemically Treated Wood

Final Assessment

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