California QAL/QAC and SPCB Complete Bundle - Applicator

This course bundle is contains all courses necessary to meet the CE requirements individuals with DPR QAL/QAC certification and SPCB applicator. DPR approved courses include 4 hours of law and 16 hours of general pesticide safety training. SPCB approved courses include 4 hours of rules and regs, 6 hours of pesticide application and use, and 2 hours of integrated pest management. Many courses are approved by both agencies, reducing the number of courses needed. Completed courses will automatically be reported to the DPR and SPCB. Please click on course details for a list of specific courses.


Course TitleLawOtherRules & RegsPAUIPM
Reading the Pesticide Label: Beyond the Basics2 hours2 hours
Federal Pesticide Laws1 hour1 hour
Pesticide Labeling1 hour1 hour
Intro to Mosquito Control2 hours
Mosquito Management and Control2 hours1 hour1 hour
Disease Management in Enclosed Spaces2.5 hours2 hours
IPM for Termite Prevention1 hour
IPM for Turf Management1 hour
IPM for Ornamental Plant Pest Management1 hour
Common Ornamental Plant Pests2.5 hours
Application Equipment and Calibration1 hour
Cage Trapping Techniques3 hours3 hours
Fungicides and Plant Pathogen Sampling1 hour
Total Hours4 hours16 hours4 hours6 hours2 hours