Termite Inspection and Treatment | Georgia Approval #R20-00911

Termite Inspection and Treatment

Course Description

Inspecting and treating for termites can be a difficult process. Being familiar with common types of construction is extremely helpful. The following course is a tour of the Mississippi State University Extension termite training facility. The facility consists of 12 different stations, each representing an area of a building or home where termites could enter the structure. The regulations referenced by the presenters are Mississippi regulations for termite treatments. It is the responsibility of the applicator to be familiar with the rules and regulations regarding termite treatment and all pesticide applications for their state.

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify key areas to inspect for termite damage or entry
  • Identify common treatment failure points at each station
  • Discuss treatment strategies for each station

Chapter 1 

Lesson 1

  • Station 1 – Porch
    • Treating for Termites
    • Trenching and Drilling
    • Treatment Failures
    • Foam Treatment Demonstration
  • Station 2 – Exterior Walls and Garages
    • Treating Walls Below Grade
    • Garage Walls and Control Joints
    • Expansion Joints
    • Gravel Beds
  • Station 3 – Brick Veneer
    • Weep Holes

Lesson 2

  • Station 4 – Conventional Concrete Block Foundations
    • Bait Stations
  • Station 5 – Conventional Foundation with Brick Veneer and Brick Steps
  • Station 6 – Conventional Concrete Slab
    • Fireboxes & Chimneys
  • Station 7 – Basement Foundations
  • Station 8 – Portable Building Foundations
  • Station 9 – Pretreatment of a Monolithic Slab

Lesson 3

  • Station 10 – Insulated Concrete Forming Systems
  • Station 11 – Chimney Foundations
  • Station 12 – Deck Foundations
    • Rock Piers
    • Post Piers
    • Pressure-Treated Lumber

Final Assessment

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