Mice: The Ubiquitous Commensal Rodent | Hawai'i Approval #3226

Mice: The Ubiquitous Commensal Rodent

Course Description

One of the challenges with house mice is that clients don't take house mice seriously. It's amazing how people will move heaven and earth when rats are around, but when it comes to mice they will simply say "oh, it's just a mouse!" This course will help educate applicators on the risks of allowing house mice to remain in a structure. 

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify preferred habitats of mice
  • Describe several IPM methods for controlling mice
  • Describe the differences in mouse traps and outline which trap is best in a given situation
  • Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of using rodenticides 

Chapter 1

Lesson 1 

  • Mouse Damage
    • ?Disease vectors
    • Infrastructure
    • Stored agricultural production
  • ?Mouse Biology and Behavior
    • ?Reproduction
    • Home range
    • Physical abilities
  • ?Inspection
    • ?Gnawing

Lesson 2 

  • Inspection (cont.)
    • ?Mouse nests
    • Insulation
  • ?Mouse Droppings vs Bat Droppings
  • Integrated Pest Management
    • ?Timing
    • Remove their homes
    • Modify bird feeders
    • Prevent entry

Lesson 3 

  • Rodent Responses to Control
  • Control Methods
  • Trapping Safety
    • ?Trigger traps
    • ?Glue boards
    • Placing traps
    • Evaluating misfires
    • Checking catch

Lesson 4 

  • Rodenticides
  • Personal Safety?
  • Rodent Control Safety
    • ?Hantavirus
  • ?How to Fail in Rodent Control

Final Assessment 

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