Common Pests of Residential, Industrial & Institutional Structures | Maryland Approval #MDAInt737

Instructor: Sarah Racine

This Maryland Department of Agriculture-approved course identifies exterior and interior pests found in industrial, institutional, and residential buildings. Pest examples include rats, insects, weeds, bats, fungi, mice, and some birds. The course also outlines some best practices for managing these pests.

Pests that infest structures can cause a variety of problems, such as damaging structural wood, spreading organisms that cause human illness, and infesting stored food. To ensure safety, pest managers must know how to control pests that can damage property, affect quality of life, or injure people.

After completing this course, Maryland pest managers will be able to:

  • Identify common vertebrate and invertebrate pests and outline effective management strategies
  • Identify and manage common parasitic, biting, and stinging pests Identify common stored-food pests and how to avoid them
  • Identify common fabric pests and outline how to manage them
  • Describe wood-destroying pest damage and explain the importance of treating wood prior to use