MI Journeyman Plumber Exam Prep


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Michigan Journeyman Plumber Exam Prep

Welcome! The primary goal of this class is to give you the skill and confidence to take the state exam. You will know what to expect at the testing site, the procedures for application, and test strategies. The course will review plumbing laws and regulations, general concepts of venting and drainage, and some specific code items. There will also be valuable calculation exercises and a review of construction math. Not only will you be prepared to take the state exam, but you will also leave with some tools to use in the field, helping you to be more efficient in what you do.

With over ten hours of video instruction, this course will cover the 2012 Michigan Plumbing Code, State Plumbing Act 733 of 2002, and Public Act 230 of 1972. You will learn test-taking tricks on how to navigate the code book quickly and efficiently and be able to prepare for the exam by practicing hundreds of questions and math problems.

Ken Nightlinger is a respected and well-known instructor and inspector in southern Michigan. He has served as an Inspector for Plumbing, Fire Protection, and Mechanicals and as a Plan Reviewer. Ken is an adjunct instructor at Baker College, and currently, owns Michigan Code Training and Inspection Services. He leads this top quality online video course that walks you through the basic principles you will need to know to pass the state exam.

NOTE: There is no longer a hands-on copper project for the Michigan state exam.

Chapter 1

Introduction to the Exam
Act 230

Chapter 2

Michigan Plumbing Code

Chapter 3

Test Strategies
Organization of References
Act 733

Chapter 4

Michigan Plumbing Code Chapter 9

Chapter 5

Michigan Plumbing Code Chapter 9

Chapter 6

Michigan Plumbing Code Chapters 4 and 9
Sample Questions

Chapter 7


Practice Tests:

Isometrics—50 questions
General—161 questions

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I just wanted to say thank you offering the 60 hour pre-licensure course. I really enjoyed the video courses as well as the written. I am certain that your course is the reason that I passed my Michigan license test on the first try. Thanks again.
Matthew Jacks from Caspian, MI
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