Common Pests of Residential, Industrial & Institutional Structures | Michigan DARD Approved

Instructor: Sarah Racine

This course, which is approved by the Michigan Department of Agriculture & Rural Development, teaches pest managers how to identify interior and exterior pests found in institutional, residential, and industrial buildings. Pests discussed include insects, rats, mice, weeds, bats, fungi, and certain birds. The course also provides various management methods for interior and exterior pests.

Pests that infest structures can negatively impact wood foundations, damage fabrics, infest stored food, and infect people. To prevent potential human injury or property damage, pest managers must know how to properly and safely control these pests.

After completing this course, pest managers in Michigan will be able to:

  • Describe wood-destroying pest damage and explain the importance of treating wood prior to use
  • Identify common vertebrate and invertebrate pests and outline effective management strategies
  • Identify and manage common fabric pests Identify common stored-food pests and how to avoid them
  • Identify common parasitic, biting, and stinging pests and know how to manage them