Review of Pesticide Use Hazards | Michigan DARD Approved

Instructor: Sarah Racine

To minimize hazardous human exposure to pesticides, pest managers must understand the classification and toxicity of the chemicals they work with. Approved by the Michigan Department of Agriculture, this course covers the toxicity and classification of various pesticides.

Pesticides can represent a significant danger to people, pets, native flora and fauna and even local groundwater. This course educates pest managers on those risks and outlines methods to minimize harm to non-target organisms.

Become familiar with the three categories of pesticide toxicity and the factors that influence them. Learn how pesticides are designated according to their function. Master crucial information about human and animal toxicity to practice safer use of common pesticide formulations.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the characteristics of various pesticide formulations.
  • Recognize strategies to minimize excessive pesticide exposure risk to pets, plants and the environment.
  • State appropriate measures to take in case of pesticide accidents.
  • Explain pesticide toxicity and the different hazards of human pesticide exposure.