Michigan Commercial Category 6 - Right-Of-Way Pest Management Bundle

This course bundle will fulfill the recertification category requirement for Michigan Commercial Applicators holding a Right-of-Way (Category 6) certification. This course bundle must be paired with the Michigan Commercial Core 8 Credit Bundle to complete recertification requirements as this course bundle does NOT contain any commercial core training. Topics included in this course are limited to right of way pest management with additional training on weed management.


  • Right of Way: Pest Control – 4 credits
  • Right of Way: Weed Control – 4 credits


Right-of-Way: Pest Control

Course Description

Pest management in right-of-way situations needs to be approached differently than in other turf or ornamental situations. The treatment areas are visible to the public, vary greatly in vegetation, and require a more comprehensive knowledge of both pests and management strategies. This study guide was prepared from the Commercial Applicator Study Manual for Category 6, Right-of-Way Pest Control as published by the Mississippi State University Extension Service and approved by the Mississippi Department of Agriculture, Bureau of Plant Industry.

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Identify five main groups of pests and the pests specific to each group
  • Describe how pesticide can move through and harm the environment
  • Identify where on the label to find the minimum clothing and PPE requirements
  • Identify the various methods of vegetation management and recognize sensitive areas

Right-of-Way: Weed Control

Course Description

This course will review the methods and techniques to manage vegetation on rights of way and non-cropland industrial sites safely without damage to non-target species, sites, objects, or the environment

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of the issues involved in controlling vegetation by roadways, utility lines,¬†and pipelines.
  • Tailor a management strategy that addresses the unique needs of rights of way weed management.