Environmental Fate and Transport of Pesticides | Montana Approval #0008S9

Environmental Fate and Transport of Pesticides

Course Description

Pesticides are a key factor in pest management but it is important to understand what happens to those pesticides after the application. This course will review some key characteristics of environmental factors that can affect how pesticides move and degrade in the environment. 

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Describe the elements of the environment that can play a role in chemical processing such as soil composition and moisture
  • Describe the role of microbes and the factors that change populations
  • Identify the factors that affect pesticide drift
  • Explain the ways that pesticides can be decomposed
  • Identify the connections between pesticide properties and potential for groundwater contamination
  • Explain application techniques that can minimize impacts

Chapter 1 – Environmental Fate and Transport of Pesticides

Lesson 1

  • The Role of Pesticides
  • Classification of Pesticides
    • ?Organochlorines
    • Organophosphates
    • Pyrethroids
    • Phenocyalkonates
    • Triazines
    • Benzoic Acids
    • Dipyrids
  • Pesticides in the Environment
  • What is an Environment
    • ?Elements of indoor environments
    • Elements of outdoor environments
  • ?Weather
    • ?Local climate
    • Regional climate
  • ?Organisms
    • ?Plants
    • Animals
    • Humans
  • ?Microbial Organisms

Lesson 2 

  • Pesticide Properties
    • ?Solubility
    • Adsorption
    • Volatility
    • Persistence
  • Fate of Pesticides
    • ?Reactions with water
    • Reactions with sunlight
    • Biodegredation
    • Soil profile
    • Soil textures
    • Temperature
    • Spray drift
    • Vapor drift
  • Characteristics of Pesticide Classes
    • ?Organophosphates
    • Neonicotinoids
    • Organochlorines
    • Carbamaes
    • Phenoxy-herbicides
    • Pyrethroids
    • Phenylamides
    • Triazines
    • Dipyridyls
  • Summary

Final Assessment

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