Right of Way: Weed Control | South Carolina Approval #17965

Weed Control

Course Description

This course will review the methods and techniques to manage vegetation on rights of way and non-cropland industrial sites safely without damage to non-target species, sites, objects, or the environment

After completing this course participants will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of the issues involved in controlling vegetation by roadways, utility lines, and pipelines.
  • Tailor a management strategy that addresses the unique needs of rights of way weed management. 

Chapter 1

Lesson 1 

  • Roadside
  • Utility lines
  • Pipelines
  • Railways

Lesson 2 

  • Plant succession
  • Weed biology/ecology

Lesson 3 

  • Weed control techniques
  • Cultural
  • Prevention
  • Mechanical

Lesson 4 

  • Biological
  • Chemical
  • Early herbicides
  • 2,4-D
  • Current herbicides

Lesson 5 

  • Identification
  • Application site
  • Timing
  • Rate

Lesson 6 

  • Soils, moisture, topography, temperature, vegetative cover
  • Chemical characteristics, soil residue, organic matter, microbes, fertility, pH

Lesson 7 

  • Drift
  • Resistance definition
  • Selection
  • Herbicide-resistant weeds

Lesson 8 

  • Calibrations
  • Sprayers
  • Conventional booms

Lesson 9 

  • Boomless sprayers
  • Calculations

Final Assessment 

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