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Real Estate Agents, What Does Your Car Say About You?

A real estate agent pulls up to a potential listing and gets out of a 10-year-old gray Honda Accord. The paint is a little faded and the headlights are foggy. The car looks as if it hasn’t been washed in a few months and is making a strange sort of squeaky noise screeching from under the hood.

This presents a few questions in my mind. Will the inexpensive and unmaintained sedan cost this real estate agent the listing? Does this make the agent look unprofessional or maybe even incompetent? Is there room for improvement?

Here is another situation for you. A real estate agent pulls up to a potential listing in a brand-new Chevy Tahoe with all the bells and whistles. Leather interior and a company logo on the side.

This also raises a few questions. Does the new SUV show a higher level of professionalism? Will the agent driving the new car do a better job than the agent in the old sedan? Could you overwhelm a potential client by showing you wealth and success?

I think the most important question to be answered is “Is the vehicle I am driving helping or hurting my business?”

There seems to be three opinions on this topic. The first, my car does not matter. It is all about how the customer is treated and the amount of professionalism I show to everyone I do business with. The second attitude is the make, model or year has no impact. If it is clean comfortable and safe it will do. The last is Yes, the car you drive makes a huge difference. You want to exude success in every way and the vehicle you drive should be top of the line and brand new.

In my opinion you should base your vehicle on your target market as well as your location. You would not want to drive a rear wheel drive sports car in an area that gets a lot of snow. On the other hand, you would not want to drive old pickup truck to sell someone a house in Beverly Hills. Pick your car based on location, your target market, and what you can afford.

I hope this helps you pick the right car for the clients you want to reach. Good luck and keep on listing.


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