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REALTOR® Safety for First-time Homeowners

To wrap up safety month I would like to focus on safety tips you, as Realtors, can give your clients when purchasing a new home. Buying a new home is a huge undertaking and sometimes it’s the little things that are forgotten. Real Estate Training Institute has 4 safety tips that Realtors can give their new homeowner clients.

Change those locks!

The first thing that homeowners should do is change the locks on all their outside doors. There is a chance that not all of the keys were collected and someone could still have a copy. It is also a good idea to change out the garage door remotes as well.

Lighting is everything Famiglia moderna house Esterno di crepuscolo

Having a well-lit exterior is great for discouraging criminals. Encourage clients to check all light fixtures for any burnt out bulbs that need to be replaced, and for any places that lighting needs to be installed.

Be Neighborly

It is always a good idea to meet and get to know the local community and neighbors. They can provide an extra set of eyes looking out. Encouraging clients to meet with their neighbors helps build a relationship that allows them to notify each other more comfortably if something is amiss.

Home under video surveillance cameraAlarms are not a bad idea

A home that has been on the market might be a magnet for criminals. Installing an alarm system will not only be a deterrent for criminals but also give homeowners peace of mind in their new home.

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