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Renewing a New Jersey Real Estate License

What is required to renew a New Jersey Real Estate License?
All license holders must complete 12 hours of approved continuing education within their two-year renewal cycle.  Six of the twelve required hours must be in Core subjects including two hours of Ethics.  New Jersey’s current licensing cycle will end on April 30th of 2017.

How do I renew my New Jersey Real Estate license?
Licensees can renew with a two-step process through the State of New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance webpage.  License holders must first log in to the Department’s system and answer a series of qualifying questions to ensure they’ve completed the appropriate continuing education, then they can complete an application for renewal.

Where can I find classes to renew my New Jersey real estate license?
Real Estate Training Institute offers several course packages to make meeting your 12-hour requirements fit into your busy schedule.  Classes are completed online at the student’s convenience with the added benefit of staff dedicated to answering your questions and helping with any tech issues.

Who submits my completed New Jersey continuing education?
Real Estate Training Institute submits completed continuing education within 10 business days of course completion.  Students may also download their course certificates when they finish each course.  We suggest students keep a copy for their own records as well.

For more information on this course or any other Real Estate courses please call the Real Estate Training Institute at 1-800-727-7104 or email


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