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Safety and Real Estate Showings

There are many factors that can influence a seller’s judgment when selling a home, and safety may not be a top priority. Real Estate Agents, remind your sellers that total strangers will have access to their home! Before you show the home, they need to safeguard their personal information, take care of valuables, and eliminate any clues criminals may be looking for.

Picking a Hiding Spot

Get creative! Under the mattress, dresser drawers, and the freezer are NOT sufficient. You should have a safe for firearms, documents, and valuables, but remember it is an indicator of valuables. Don’t think the bad guys won’t notice what's in your closet or basement!


Ask your client to direct all inquiries to you for the safety of the property.

  • Do not show the home on your own.
  • Do not meet with anybody about the home; they may not be who they represent themselves to be.
  • Do not divulge information about the house.
  • Remove pets before a showing.
  • Be sure the house is empty before entering the house.

Realtor Liability

  • What if a viewer gets injured? 
  • What if you forget to lock up, and the home is burglarized? 
  • What if something is damaged or broken?

Each state has different laws, familiarize yourself!

During the Open House

  • Have a sign-in/sign-out sheet.
  • Ask questions to determine legitimacy.
  • Keep an eye on browsers.
  • Never provide information about the current owners.
  • Check all rooms for lingerers.
  • What will you do if you find someone?
  • Lock up! People may be waiting for you to leave.
  • Make sure someone is expecting you, make this a policy with your company.
  • Be wary of “pop-ins” and cars driving by repeatedly.

What you've just read is a snippet from Certified Training Institutes Personal Safety and Self Defense 4 Hour Continuing Education online course. You can never be too cautious when it comes to the safety and well being of your clients, family member,s and home. So when it comes to personal safety. . . Be Aware, Be Cautious and most importantly . . . Be Prepared. 


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