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Male Self Defense

Self-Defense for Men

Self-defense for men is often a forgotten but incredibly important skill. Males between the ages of 18 and 25 are more likely to be attacked than anyone else in American society. Some men may feel pressured to engage in dangerous situations to avoid appearing weak but, any self-defense professional will tell you that it is best to talk your way out of a dangerous situation rather than resort to violence. 

  1. Don't try to emulate TV or movies. Most on-screen fights are nonsense. Assuming your assailant will behave in any way similar to an on-screen attacker is a good way to get injured. 
  2. Your first course of action should always be de-escalation. Try to speak in a slow calm voice. Avoid touching your attacker or standing with your arms crossed, these are often seen as signs of aggression.
  3. Don't let your ego run the show. Many men avoid de-escalation because they feel it makes them seem less "manly". Instead, remember the other guy is also a human. Try ignoring your ego and diffusing rather than furthering a situation where you both may be hurt.
  4. If these options fail, be prepared to defend yourself. Some self-defense holds can render your attacker incapacitated without causing long-term harm. If possible, start with less harmful methods and resort to the more harmful counterattacks only when necessary.

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