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Should I Get My Michigan Real Estate Salesperson License?

Being a Realtor and having your own license can be a very rewarding job. Plus there are many advantages to having a license besides the income. Many people are drawn to the flexibility the job offers as well! Still on the fence about getting your real estate license? You will be able to:

Interview Your Employer

As a salesperson, you will be in high demand by Brokers. Brokers want as many agents to work under them as possible, therefore you will have the upper hand in contract negotiations. You’ll have a variety of employers to choose from instead of having to take the first offer that comes along.

Determine Your Own Schedule

Being the night owl that I am, this option was the most appealing to me. I could, in theory, sleep in until 9 am and work when I’m at the top of my game during the day. If you have children in daycare or school pick-up’s, no worries! You can schedule your showings and meetings around them. For the single individual, there are the perks such as traveling and the ability to work virtually anywhere! Remember, you can work your job around your life, instead of working your life around your job.

Control Your Income

You are essentially your own boss in real estate. You are responsible for how much effort you put into your job each day/month/year. If you are the sole provider of the household or a joint provider, you have great flexibility with your income. You can get a jump and hit your yearly goal early and maybe take it easy the remainder of the year, or give yourself a raise by working harder for that influx of income.

Get Creative

Being a real estate salesperson is one of the greatest jobs you could have! You get the freedom of not having to work within the same four walls every day. This is a chance for you to get involved with your community, see what is out there, and meet new people. The four walls of an office are completely optional. Take the leap, get your Real Estate Salesperson License!

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