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Wrist Clench

Simple Self-Defense Tricks

Escape from a wrist hold
The best way to break a wrist hold (like the one pictured above) is to pull your arm towards where the fingers and thumb meet. This may seem like common sense but many people forget this when dealing with an attack.

Use the heel of your palm to strike
Put your hand in high-five position with your palm pressed forward and your fingers back. Step towards the attacker as you forcefully bang your palm at the top of your attacker's nose, just below their eyes. This will cause extreme pain as it makes their eyes water, giving you a moment to escape the situation.

Pack more pain in your punch
Clench your fist at the last second when you throw a punch. If you clench and then swing you will lose power.

Aim for the weak points
Go for the eyes, throat, and knees. If you are attacked from behind stomp on their foot. Hit the groin last as most attackers will expect you to go for it first.

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