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Six Green and High-Performance Articles For Realtors

2016 and 2017 are projected to be the years of the Millennials. This younger generation is looking for more energy efficient homes, and even “smart” homes. Millennials are in tune with technology and having a list of resources to offer products, homes, and solutions to having a greener, “smarter” home.

  • According to an article written by Caldwell Banker, smart home technology with be becoming more mainstream in 2016 and 2017. Americans are willing to pay extra to add smart features to their homes.


  • Now for the homeowner that wants to buy a fixer upper, but isn’t confident on how to fully go green dazzle them with your knowledge from this article. GadgetFlow has amazing “smart” products that homeowners can get to help them create their ideal “smart home.”


  • During these many long and cold months the housing market can tend to be a bit on the slow side. This article lists the benefits of having homeowners put their homes on the market during this time of year.


  • As you are showing a home and homeowners want a greener more energy efficient home without breaking the bank, offer them these simple solutions. U.S. News & World Report came up with 5 simple ways to “green” your home.


  • The article, The Smartest Connected Home Products at CES 2016, is another great one to read up on for potential homeowners. While showing an older outdated home you can suggest these great products that will make their future home adequate for newer smart technology.


  • The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) has written a great article on the Benefits of Green Home building This article outlines the benefits of LEED-Certified homes that are now hitting the market as new constructions or flips.   


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