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Skyscrapers to Spaceships: The Coolest New Buildings in America

Coolest New Buildings in America


The US is in the midst of rapid change. With a booming tech industry and a growing population of over 320 million, the US needs additional infrastructure. With limited space and growing environmental concern, architects are designing buildings that are taller and more efficient than ever before. Below are a few of this year’s coolest buildings that reflect an adapting industry:


Nordstrom Tower, 225 West 57th Street – New York City

›  This residential building, to be completed in 2018, will be one of the tallest buildings in the city.

›  However, living here may cost you a pretty penny, with an average price of $17 million.

›  The 94-floor building was designed by esteemed Chicago-based architecture and design firm, Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill.

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Source: New York YIMBY



Apple Campus 2 – Cupertino, California

›  Apple’s now soon-to-be headquarters in Silicon Valley has been dubbed the “spaceship” for its UFO-looking circle shape.

›  Originally estimated to cost under $3 billion, current estimates put Campus 2 around $5 billion.

›  Designed by UK architects Foster + Partners, who are rumored to be in talks to also design new Apple Stores.

›  The loop structure, which is over a mile long, places an emphasis on green space, allowing room to plant over 72,000 trees.

›  Campus 2 was one of the last great visions of Steve Jobs, inspired by the Stanford campus.

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Source: Apple



432 Park Avenue – New York City

›  Another luxury residential building, this time designed by world-renowned Rafael Viñoly Architects.

›  The grid-like structure was inspired by a trash can.

›  The penthouse apartment, boasting six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, reportedly sold for over $95 million.

›  Currently topped-out, the building should open later this year.

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The Pensmore Mansion – Ozark Mountains of Highlandville, Missouri

›  This residential home, owned and built by a former CIA officer, will be one of the largest residential homes in the US, totaling a dumbfounding 72,215 square feet.

›  Despite its massive size, the home is designed with its carbon footprint in mind, using insulated concrete and geothermal heating.

›  The house is designed to be nearly everlasting —being earthquake and tornado resistant, fire retardant and even bulletproof.

›  The construction is ongoing, with no set completion date.

›  The Pensmore Mansion is so large, it’s even bigger than the White House.

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Facebook Headquarters – Menlo Park, California

›  Facebook’s new headquarters, near the Stanford University campus in San Francisco South Bay Area, was designed by LA-based architect Frank Gehry and opened just this past year.

›  CEO Mark Zuckerberg wanted the space to have a dorm-like feel, placing an emphasis on collaboration.

›  According to Zuckerberg , the new location is “the largest open floor plan in the world.”

›  The new location can house 9,000 employees.

›  The new headquarters features an expansive rooftop garden, complete with 400 trees and a running path.

›  Facebook employees are told to personalize their space – adding artful graffiti to the campus as they wish.

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Source: Hillary Fox



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