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Want to Be A Michigan Real Estate Broker?

In the state of Michigan, a real estate Salesperson can apply for a Broker’s license after practicing for 3 or more years under a licensed Real Estate Broker. There are three main steps in getting your Broker’s license and the Real Estate Training Institute laid them out for you:

STEP #1:  Complete a 90-HR Michigan Real Estate Broker course. This course must be approved by the state of Michigan for the Broker Prelicensure requirement. Real Estate Training Institute offers this course along with a Salesperson/Broker exam prep course. This is an online program made up of 3 separate 30 hour courses. Within each course there are several lessons, each with their own video presentation, course material, and quiz. The 90-HR course is taught by Gwyn Besner, a respected and well known educator in the Real Estate Industry.

STEP #2:  Register with Psychological Services Incorporated (PSI) for the Michigan Real Estate Broker Exam. The exam is:

  • $76.00 to register
  • Timed (180 minutes) to complete
  • Located in Gaylord, Grand Rapids, Holt, Marquette, and Southfield.

Once the exam is completed, you will be notified immediately if you have passed or not. PSI will then import your exam data into your iCOLA record within 48 hours once you have passed.

STEP #3: After you have successfully completed your MI 90-HR Real Estate Broker Course and State Licensing Exam you will need to submit an application to the Michigan Department of Regulatory Affairs.

How to Apply:

If you are applying as an Individual Broker your license will be sent to your business address.


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